Custom Builds

Quality Arms is proud to continue offer custom firearm builds. We now offer many different types of firearms and calibers that can be built. We offer the AR 15 guns with custom furniture, paint and caliber. Often, we get request that use our models as a starting point and then we build from there. Custom calibers range the every cartridge that can be placed into the AR 15 platform. Our 1911 handguns are also built to custom, including size, caliber and coatings. Our last custom build is our TAC 21 or bolt rifles. This rifle is offered in any caliber .338 Lapua and smaller; coatings, scopes, bipods and other accessories can be ordered with the gun as well. Specifically, if you want a truly custom firearm from inception to shooting, give us a call and we will take care of it! As the nature of building a custom firearm, we ask that you contact us to review every detail to ensure your rifle is exactly what you want and Quality Arms will review your order and process with you personally.

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